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      We are so fortunate to have a provider like Dr. Guthrie in this community.
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      Laurie Portmann, M.S., PT
      Specialist in Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
      Orthopedic and Sports Therapy Center

      I listen carefully to what my patients have to say about their experiences with colleagues to whom I have referred them: the feedback regarding Dr. Guthrie has been unanimously positive.
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      Benny Barnhart, M.D.
      Clinics of North Texas, LLP

Test Your Sexpertise

Is sex better when its spontaneous? Will aphrodisiacs enhance your sex life? Listen to this expert interview I did for everydayexperiences.com and get answers to these and other common questions about healthy sexual intimacy.

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Because Sex Matters!

Is sex just not what it used to be? Maybe it has never been what you would like for it to be? Are you worried that there might be something wrong with you sexually?
Maybe the spice is missing and you’re having a really hard time talking to your partner about it? Or perhaps you don’t feel attracted to your partner anymore and are not interested in sex. Are you frustrated or embarrassed because you have trouble getting or staying sexually aroused with your partner? Maybe the quality of your orgasms have changed? Or maybe you’ve never really had one at all and have never been able to truly admit it to yourself or anyone you’ve been with?
Maybe sex is unpleasant because it causes you physical or emotional pain? Or perhaps you are struggling to get your life back on track after having one or more unwanted sexual experiences? Are you struggling with questions or issues related to your sexual orientation and are unsure as to how to handle them and the feelings that come with them?

While sex and sexuality is a source of pleasure and enjoyment for many people, it is unfortunately not this way for many others. Many people suffer with the belief that there is something wrong with them sexually and fear that they and their problems might just be beyond repair. These thoughts and feelings might be something they have told themselves or be something they have seen or heard elsewhere. Either way, they can have real consequences for people and their relationships.

Its Not Too Late!

Sexual problems don’t have to ruin your sex life or your relationships. They can get better and I can help. Working together in a safe therapeutic environment, you can heal from these difficult issues and create an enjoyable, fulfilling sex life either again or for the first time.

You Deserve To Have a Good Sex Life

Sex is an important part of most people’s lives, and it can be devastating for individuals and couples when they are having ongoing sexual problems. Often sex problems leave people feeling unfulfilled by their sexual experiences, lead to negative feelings about one’s self or one’s partner, and are a major source of relationship tension and conflict.
The good news is that sexual problems can be successfully resolved and need not continue to have a negative impact on your life. Together we can help you create a more satisfying and rewarding sex life built on trust, respect, intimacy, and pleasure. People who have done this work often:

  • Enjoy sex in a way they haven’t for some time or ever before
  • Feel that an important part of their identity has been restored
  • Create a deeper, more intimate connection with their partner

Does going to sex therapy involve taking off my clothes or having sex in your office?

As a sex therapist, my job is to help my clients resolve their sexual concerns through the use of education, teaching of relevant techniques, and other appropriate and proven therapeutic interventions. This is a professional obligation that I take extremely seriously. While we will talk in detail about your sexual problems, at no time will you be asked to undress or perform sexual acts either with me or in my presence.

Why should I see a sex therapist when there are lots of medications available now that can fix sexual problems?

Sexual problems are usually caused by a mix of physical, emotional, and social factors, and medications are either not recommended or are ineffective for many kinds of sexual problems. Therapy by itself or in combination with medical treatments often produces the best results.

Sex is a very private matter that I feel uncomfortable or embarrassed to talk about with a total stranger.

You are definitely not alone if you feel this way: many of my clients have shared this concern! I provide a safe, respectful, and professional environment in which we can work through your problems, and we will move at a pace that feels comfortable for you. I recently received this feedback from a former client who had this concern:
“I was so incredibly nervous about talking to someone about the problems I was having that I almost canceled my first appointment. I worked up the courage to go and boy, was I glad I did! Dr. Guthrie was so warm and friendly, and I felt very comfortable talking to her. I felt like she really understood me and my problems.”

I’m afraid that my worst fears are going to be confirmed if I talk to someone about my problems.

It makes sense that you would feel this way if you are the only one struggling with all your fears and concerns and have never had the opportunity to talk with someone knowledgeable and experienced in working with people who share the same problems. Instead of having your worst fears confirmed, you might be surprised to learn just how normal you are!

Let Me Know How I Can Help

As a sex therapist, I’ve worked with people with all of these issues and fears. I’m confident that I can help you understand what is going on and create a better sex life for you (and perhaps your partner as well).
There are several things you can do if you’re ready to get started. Take a look at the free articles on this site: they offer practical information about, as well as tips for dealing with, a variety of sexual problems. You can also click on the “services” tab to learn more about the different products and services I offer. Please feel free to call or email me with any questions you might have.

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